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Christ the King, Part 2


May 26, 2016

Part 2

The second of the principle visible forces which works to overthrow the Kingship of Christ is Freemasonry.

Most of the world is not aware of the goals of Freemasonry, and is thereby fooled by its “philanthropic good works and business connections.” The chief tenets are so completely and manifestly at variance with right reason that nothing more can be conceived. They wish, first, to destroy religion and the Church which God Himself has founded, the Roman Catholic Church. Secondly, they desire to uproot the fundamental principles of decency and right living and to cooperate with those who want to pass their lives in satisfying their desires as animals do. This simply means urging the human race, a prey to shame and dishonor, along the path that leads to destruction. The dangers which menace both the family and civil society contribute to make matters worse.. – From The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, Fr. Denis Fahey. C.S.Sp.

Freemasonry is a secret naturalistic force. Masonry is a visible organization, but its naturalistic or anti-supernatural character is secret or camouflaged. Very few people, including its membership, are aware of this insidious character. It would perhaps be beneficial to the reader to explain the Naturalism of Freemasonry.

I. Supernaturalism affirms that the Life of Grace, participation in the Life of the Blessed Trinity, is infinitely higher than the natural life of human reason and that unique Source of that Life in the existing order, is Our Lord Jesus Christ. The loss of Supernatural Life through the fall of the first Adam has been repaired through membership of the Mystical Body of the Second Adam. Naturalism on the contrary, affirms that our highest life is the life of reason, and, consequently, denies that there has been any such thing as a fall from, or a loss of Supernatural Life.

II. Supernaturalism affirms, as is logical, that it is only through cultivation of our membership of Our Lord’s Mystical Body that we can be good men and true, as we ought to be. Naturalism, also logically, affirms that it is a matter of indifference whether one invokes Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mahomet or Buddha, or nobody at all.

III. Supernaturalism teaches that the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, is infinitely higher and nobler that any natural society, while insisting that ordered love of country and native-land must be sedulously cultivated. The naturalistic mentality, on the contrary, insists that the highest social organization is the individual State, or the whole group of States, tending to coalesce into a World State.

IV. The Catholic Church will aim at permeating all social life, political and economic, with the spirit of the Mystical Body. The State or group of States aimed at by Naturalists will aim at eliminating every vestige of Supernatural Life from social organization. – From The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, Fr. Denis Fahey, C.S. Sp.

The following explanation from The Kingship of Christ further explains the naturalistic or anti-supernatural attitude of the Freemasons. One is clearly able to see the evidence of Masonic efforts in society through this lengthy explanation.

“Now, if the mode of action of the Masonic Association in what concerns religion be examined, especially wherever it is more at liberty to cast off restraint, it will be clear to any impartial observer that it is aiming at carrying out the programme of the Naturalists.

By lengthy and persevering labour they strive to bring about a condition of affairs in which the teaching office and authority of the Church shall count for nothing in the eyes of the State. It is for this reason that they continually proclaim and contend that Church and State should be completely separated and divorced. By this means they exclude the exceedingly beneficent influence of the Catholic Church from the making of laws and from State administration, and logically conclude that States must be constituted with complete disregard for the laws and percepts of the Church.

Nor can they be satisfied with ignoring the Church – the best of guides – and eliminating her influence, they treat her as an enemy and seek to injure her. This is the explanation of the impunity that is allowed to those who attack the very foundations of the Church by word, writing and teaching. Neither the rights of the Church nor her divine prerogatives are spared. The least possible freedom is left her; she is hampered by laws that do not seem on the surface too, oppressive, but which are in reality expressly framed with a view to impeding her liberty of action. As examples of such legislation, We can point to the onerous laws specially imposed on the clergy, which aim at both reducing their members and at diminishing their necessary means of existence and action; the galling restrictions by which the remaining possessions of the Church are tied down and placed under the power and arbitrary control of State administrators; the enactments by which religious communities are suppressed and broken up.

It is, however, against the Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff that the efforts of the Freemasons have a long time been specially directed. After the Sovereign Pontiff had been, for lying reasons, deprived of his temporal power which was the bulwark of his independence and of his rights, he was reduced to a position that was iniquitous and at the same time made intolerable by difficulties arising on every side. Now the time has come when the members of these associations openly proclaim what in secret they have long been plotting, namely, that the sacred power of the Roman Pontiffs must be done away with and the Papacy itself, instituted by God, utterly destroyed. If other proofs were lacking, this fact is sufficiently vouched for by the testimony of men who have intimate knowledge of the matter. Most of these have frequently declared it to be true, both in the recent and more remote past, that the Freemasons intend to pursue Catholicism with the most implacable hatred and that they will not rest until they have completely overthrown all the religious institutions created by the Sovereign Pontiffs.

If those who are received into Freemasonry are not obliged to abjure Catholicism explicitly, this, instead of being an obstacle to Masonic aims, is, on the contrary, helpful to them. First of all, in this way they easily deceive the simple-minded and the unwary and entice many others to join their ranks. Secondly, as all those who present themselves from any form of religion are readily received, Freemasons thereby successfully inculcate the great error of this age, namely, that religion is a matter of indifference and that one religion is as good as another. Such an attitude of mind spells the ruin of all religions, especially of the Catholic religion, which, since it is the one True Religion, is treated with the gravest injustice and offered the worst form of insult, when it is placed on the same level as other forms of worship.”

Those errors which were present during Fr. Fahey’s lifetime have worsened at the present time. Only small numbers of people have a correct understanding of the effects of Freemasonry throughout the world. These human devils have penetrated all levels of government, finance and business. Worst of all, they have infiltrated the Church with Masons holding influential positions from the rectory to the Vatican.

The next article will cover many of the effects of the naturalism of Freemasonry.

To be continued

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM