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Christ the King


March 22, 2016

On December 11, 2015, Pope Pius XI published the encyclical Quas Primas (On The Kingship of Christ), established the feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday of October, and had a Mass and Office written for the feast. Holy Mother Church celebrates the 90th anniversary of this encyclical in 2015.
It was his desire to have a yearly reminder of Christ’s Kingship over His kingdom on this earth. Pope Pius XI understood the conditions of his time and wanted to combat the secular humanism which was, and still is, one of the spiritual plagues in the world today.

The Kingship of Christ extends over all people regardless of race, culture, creed or nation. This is, indeed, a common misconception of people everywhere. They erroneously believe Our Lord’s Kingship applies only to Catholics.

The importance of Christ’s Kingship cannot be overstated for it affects all aspects of one’s life. His Kingship reigns over our private and public lives. The public reign, which includes the lives of those in the public eye as well as the work of governments, is known as the Social Reign of the Kingship of Christ. The public reign is openly rejected by most today and this is precisely what Pope Pius XI observed during his reign.

This rejection may be passive for some individuals, but is an active or conscious one for others. It is the latter rejection which is of grave concern for Holy Mother Church.

The rejection of Our Lord’s Kingship began with the Fall of Man. It has displayed itself in a number of different ways, from the rejection of Christ by the Jews to the organized opposition of today.

One can no longer deny the organized spiritual war which has taken place for centuries. It is precisely the ignorance of the masses which allows the enemies of Christ to be so successful. Many will ask just who are these enemies that we may know and combat these haters of Christ? The answers are the Jewish Nation and Freemasonry.

Fr. Denis Fahey in his book The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society explains why the Jewish Nation and Freemasonry are the principle visible forces which not only reject the Kingship of Christ but they actively work to overthrow Our Lord’s Kingdom on this earth.

“Up to Calvary, the opposition to the Jewish Nation, which was to be found in the ancient world, was a compound of the self-centered resistance to the Supernatural Life, which is to be found in fallen man, and of the hatred aroused by Jewish pride. Jewish national pride, which culminated in the rejection of Our Lord at the Praetorium and on Calvary, did not arise in a generation. It was a gradual growth and it played its part in the hatred which the Jews drew on themselves before the coming of Our Lord. Still, up to Calvary, salvation was from the Jews, in the sense that He Who was to restore the Real Life of the world was to be of their race and He was to ask them to be the heralds of the Real Life and of the Divine Plan for order. Since Calvary, their self-centeredness and persistent resistance to order draw upon them even greater hatred and opposition from their fellow-members of the naturalistic camp. Their efforts to lead the world to a Messianic era of definitive peace, by the imposition of their national for, are opposed, as we have seen, not only to the Supernatural Life of the Mystical Body of Christ, but also to the natural development of national life. The inevitable result is opposition to and dislike of the Jews. When the nature of their influence becomes manifest to a considerable portion of the population, violent resentment is almost inevitable.”

“We may express the truth contained in the preceding paragraph in another way. The man who obstinately resists Divine Grace will not remain an upright natural man. He will sink down to an infra-human level and he will have a debasing influence on those around him. So the Jewish Nation, in its obstinate resistance to the Real Life of the world, has developed unnatural traits and is dragging the world down to an infra-human level. And the poor deluded and debased world, in an effort to save itself, turns upon the Jews who have done so much to lead it astray.”

“There is fundamental difference in origin between opposition to the Jews and opposition to the Catholic Church. Opposition to the Catholic Church is opposition, led by Satan, to the Supernatural Life and to the real order of the world: the particular opposition to the Jews has its origin in a reaction against their pride and against their efforts to impose their domination. This pride and these inordinate ambitions are the consequence of their special resistance to the Supernatural Life and order of the world, at the instigation of Satan. …”

Fr. Fahey adds these comments to what has been previously said. “… They refused and, as a nation, continue to refuse to admit the reality of the Supernatural Life of Grace and to acknowledge Christ as its unique source. As a nation, they continue down the ages to war against the idea of there being any higher social entity than the Jewish Nation. Their national policy, in so far as it is coordinated, is based on the idea that unity is to come to the world, not through the supranational Mystical Body of Christ, but through their own nation. Their unyielding opposition to the Supernatural Life of Grace and to the Divine Plan for order has meant the existence of additional weakness and division amongst the European nations and in the rest of the world. Because the nations of Europe had acknowledged the Mystical Body of Christ, they were charged with a special mission to draw the rest of the world into the unity of that Body.”

“If the Jewish nation as such had humbled itself and sincerely repented any time for the last 1,900 years, it would have immediately meant an enormous increase in the numbers of members of Christ in the world, for they would have put their restless energy into missionary work for Him. But alas: ‘All the day long have I spread my hands to a people that believeth not and contradicteth me” (Romans: 10, 21) and (Isaias 65, 2). ‘The Messias,’ writes Fr. Libermann, C. S. Sp., ‘appeared among amongst the Jews. They did not accept Him. On the contrary, they persecuted Him. …’”

The problems which exist today concerning the Jewish Nation are such that they have amassed such power and influence there is hardly anyone who is willing to speak up against their evil work. Between the constant drum of the “holocaust lie” and their near complete control of the media, Hollywood and the economy, rarely is anyone able to expose these men of iniquity who simply are the agents of Satan.

Their opposition to the Social Reign of Christ necessarily promotes a naturalism which has as their goal to eliminate the Catholic Faith and to hasten the Reign of the Antichrist.

To be Continued
Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM