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Freedom of Religion, 2015 Version


April 27, 2015

The mere thought of freedom of religion brings with it a variety of different reactions. Unfortunately, most of them promote a basic theological error which places the Catholic Faith and all other false religions as being an equal means of salvation for all men.

The most recent news (March / April 2015) concerning freedom of religion is a curious one. States are legally allowing individuals or corporations to refuse business of whatever type if the said business goes against their religious beliefs in any way.

The law does not necessarily side with the legal persons (individual or corporate), but simply gives them legal standing.

The first thought which comes to mind is that such a law is a sign of the troubled times we live in. The law is certainly an aid to those who have religious objections in a given case, but there is, indeed, a very basic question which must be asked first.

Why is such a law needed in these circumstances? For those who have ever lived in a nation which is truly free (i.e., the legal ability to make similar decisions with backing of the existing government), such decisions were left to the persons involved in the case.

Many have seen a sign in business windows which reads, “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” Has any U. S. federal or state government forbidden such signs and forced owners to serve those who enter the business shirtless and shoeless? Currently, there are no universal laws which force the owners to serve the indecent “patrons.”

Does this mean those who refuse service are to be looked upon as contemptible business owners? Any decent person would hardly consider them as such?

Let’s present a more relevant case. If a baker has two homosexuals come into his business and attempt to order a cake for their “wedding”, is it not permitted for the owner to refuse the business?

If a photographer is asked to take pictures at a similar occasion, is he not allowed to refuse? Is a printer allowed to refuse business in yet another similar situation?

It wasn’t long ago that owners could refuse business for whatever reasons he desired. No one went to court over the refusal. They simply took their business elsewhere.

These situations were judged correctly. The public knew it was the natural right of the owner to refuse business if he so desired.

For those who are not familiar with the present laws, the laws do NOT single any persons or groups of any kind, thus eliciting what is known today as “discrimination.” Those who have objected to the state laws apparently will not allow a state to have a law which may exclude them in given circumstances.

It is obvious the main objectors are homosexuals. This group of perverts has gained a powerful lobby in our nation’s capital as well as in most state capitals. They are not happy with status quo or equal rights under the law. They want laws which will specifically allow these sinners to be considered “a special class” of citizens.

Political correctness, combined with Divine Law, Natural Law, Church Law and past civil laws being undermined have brought about a level of spiritual chaos not seen in nations which are known as civilized and Christian in many generations, perhaps ever.

History has shown, and is being repeated before our eyes today, the mindless mob (most of society in any age) has so quickly allowed itself to be manipulated into an erroneous and destructive path. The “useful idiots” are truly clueless of the end game of today’s perverts. Perhaps they don’t really care.

Some of the more astute minds of today understand the damage which is being carried out in the name of a select number of perverts. It is the undermining of a basic right on grounds of religion. I wish to be quite careful in how this is stated because I will not promote an all-encompassing religious freedom or liberty. That in itself produces its own type of chaos.

Perhaps the best way to state this thought is in this manner. Why are individuals (citizens) of this, or any other nation not allowed to refuse business of whatever type because they do not want in any way possible to condone the sinful life or behavior of the homosexual? These persons most often clearly state their reasons are religious. Are the federal and state governments now determining when a person may make use of this natural right? Is this the “other (distorted) side of separation of church and state?”

It should be noted that not all those object are “Christians.” Articles in the media have stated that Moslems are refusing to serve the homosexuals with little or nothing said in the press. So is this a public condemnation of anyone who refuses to serve the perverts, or is this a not-so-subtle persecution of the Christians?

Very few are willing to criticize the activities of the Moslems in this country. It would seem politically incorrect to do so, at least at this time.

Anti-Catholic bashing has always been in “style.” Nothing will change this attitude anytime soon. There are too many that hate the Catholic Church. It must also be understood these Catholic-haters do not make any distinctions between the Modernist Church and the true Roman Catholics. Frankly, from this writer’s experience they understand very few, if any, of the differences which exist between them. Their only objective is to hate the Church and anyone who identifies themselves as Catholic.

The homosexuals have obtained enough power and leverage within the governmental systems regardless of level as well as making use of political correctness there are very few who will now stand up to them. The few brave souls that publicly take a stand will be crucified by the media.

Sadly, there will be more Protestants who will be willing to stand up against these perverts. The Modernist hierarchy has promoted homosexuality long enough to convince the non-thinking masses within the Modernist Church that this perversion is perfectly acceptable.

In addition, the public statements of Jorge Bergoglio about “not judging the homosexual” have literally lit a flame worldwide in such a way the Modernists clergy are now able to publicly condone this perversion. Those who object are hardly able to stand against this hellish tidal wave of lies.

This is the latest battle between good and evil. From the standpoint of ethics or morality, this attack of the homosexuals and those who are willing to side with them is the worst of situations. One must remember that homosexuality is an unnatural sin, making it far worse than other sins, including those of the Sixth and Ninth Commandments.

This fight is one against the family and society. It has always been the goal of the perverts to destroy the family as we know it. They are not content with having the civil rights to function in society side by side with normal, decent people. They want everyone to agree to this heinous sin or be publicly condemned.

The homosexual wants this perversion to be considered as normal as any other way of life. This lie is already being taught to the youth in elementary schools. More and more teenagers are claiming to be “gay.” These youth are clueless as to the destructive nature of such flippant decisions.

Decent people were shocked in past years when teenage pregnancy became epidemic; abortions were permitted among the under-aged; birth control was legally permitted to be distributed to teenagers by non-parental adults.

The promotion of homosexuality is far worse. It undermines Divine and Natural Law. It destroys natural and supernatural processes which the individual normally go through as he matures in daily life. The role of the genders in society is perverted. Among Catholics, how many religious vocations are destroyed or otherwise not recognized.

The militant homosexual, who today translates to most of them, desires to destroy the natural rights of all normal persons. To destroy the rights of religion is a significant linchpin in accomplishing their goal. The political machinations of government today are but one more step of the homosexual gaining control of society. Control, though, is but a mechanism by which they desire to pervert and destroy society as God created it. Yes, these unnatural sinners are so arrogant they openly fight against the order established by their Creator. The destruction of the rights of religion are but a bump in the road to total and complete societal anarchy.

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM