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In the Midst of Darkness and Chaos


May 5, 2015

Children, and some adults, are quite afraid to enter an unlit room. The darkness frightens them. It is true that it is difficult to see in an unlit room, and for this reason light is necessary.

Are there any other reasons why a person should be afraid of the darkness? Some will speak of the possibility of a stranger being in the room who might harm them, such as a burglar. How reasonable is this in a secure home or building?

Still others will fear that which is more elusive, the unknown. They are unable to give a real, positive reason for their fear, but are quite afraid nonetheless. The person is usually not aware of it, but the fear is a negative one, for it lacks a foundation in reality. It is simply based on a person’s unbridled imagination.

There is a fear, although we are unable to see it, which has a very real basis in reality. It is the fear of the spiritual darkness which surrounds those in mortal sin and ongoing vice. The perceptive soul in the state of grace can, at times, tell who is surrounded by demonic evil.

Have you ever been in the middle of a large crowd-a crowd that is restless or perhaps out-of-control? Were you afraid that you would be trapped or simply unable to get away from the danger before being harmed?

Perhaps there is a better example. You are outside on an overcast night (no moon, no stars) outside of the city where street lights would provide at least some dim light. There is no light – NONE! This is what we call pitch dark. You are able to extend your hand two feet in front of you, but are unable to see it. There is no sound, no movement on a perfectly still night.

Many will understandably avoid such a situation in the same way they would avoid the unlit, haunted house. Some will refuse to enter their own attics or basements at night for fear of the unknown darkness.

Will these same people go to similar efforts to avoid spiritual darkness? The physical darkness, in itself, will not harm you. The spiritual darkness, though, will thrust you into hell if it is not overcome before your death.

One of the basic and more important problems of spiritual darkness is that the person is unaware of his environment because he has been spiritually blinded. That is, of course, unless he is a willing agent of Satan. Even here, though, the blindness is such that he does not completely and fully understand his actions, for no one would work for Satan if he was given a complete understanding of who this Father of Liars and Deception is.

The reader is reminded that in Hell the darkness is a clear sign of God’s absence, the Eternal Light. Within this darkness is chaos of the worse type. It is a demonic chaos – one that is filled with great pain, suffering and bewilderment. There is intentional confusion thrust upon the soul. There is no peace within the soul or in the environment surrounding it.

Now relate this description to circumstances in this world. Relate it especially at this time (2014).

There are many souls in this life who are in the state of mortal sin. We know this is a state of spiritual darkness for the soul. This condition is dangerous enough, but if the person contritely confesses their sins quickly, the state of grace will return and the long-term effect is minimized. Light and order return and rule the soul.

There is a distinct difference, though, with this case and that of the soul which is continuously in mortal sin. Here the soul is filled with a pervading darkness. In a soul such as this, there is no glimmer of supernatural light.

There has been much written and said in recent years concerning spiritual blindness. What does this mean? Spiritual blindness is a condition within the soul which does not allow the person to see or understand those religious or spiritual matters which are easily understood by those who are not affected by this blindness. It would allow the person to either understand a personal condition (pride, vanity, anger, etc.) or a matter that exists in the Church.

The blindness of the Modern Catholic is, perhaps, the best example. Why is it that Modern Catholics do not understand that which has taken place in the Church? They have taken the spiritual bait (the lies and heresies of the clergy) and have imbibed them as though it were a delicious drink. The tragic result is they are unwilling to accept the truth.

This spiritual blindness opens the door to a darkness which clouds the mind, heart and soul. The intellect may have the capacity to comprehend a matter, but is unable because of darkness which clouds the mind. This darkness often produces a “wall of stubbornness.” This explains why the stubborn person refuses to change his mind, i.e., because of the darkness within him. That which may exist as a person’s fault (stubbornness), becomes the means by which darkness overcomes him.

The heart grows cold and distant do to a lack of supernatural love because of the state of mortal sin. This coldness often leads to an unkind, mean-spirited person. The individual who seems always to be in a “bad mood” or is angry or bitter, has a heart which is hardened do to sin.

The condition of such a person begins in the soul. When the person is in the state of mortal sin, as stated above the darkness blinds the individual resulting in the person being unable or unwilling or both, to see the error of his ways. When there is no spiritual light, the darkness rules.

The key to the soul being able to see is that it maintain spiritual light, i.e., the state of grace. This cannot be overstated in an age when mortal sin and offending God have taken a back seat to self-indulgence and egotism.

For the soul that remains in mortal sin for any length of time, not only is darkness present but chaos, also. Chaos is defined as ‘great disorder or confusion.’ This dictionary definition fits perfectly because any soul which lacks grace and, therefore, light, will be disordered and confused.

If the Holy Ghost is not present, and cannot be present do to sin there will not be a spiritual void in the soul. The act of sinning mortally has opened the soul up to the devil. The devil, of course, needs no special invitation or push to enter into this means of life for the body. He and his demonic subjects will reside there as long as they are able.

Whether or not one is considering the soul or the world in general, it must be understood there is but one thing which will overcome the state of darkness and chaos. It is Christ, Who is the Light of the world.

If the soul is in the state of darkness and sin, it will more easily succumb to the darkness and chaos of the world and the devils. The two are basically the same, i.e., an environment devoid of Christ which is determined to destroy one or more souls.

One is encouraged in spite of spiritual darkness all around us, to remain in the state of grace by avoiding the occasion of sin, receiving the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist regularly and maintaining a true, humble desire to live according to God’s Holy Will. If these simple but profound instructions are followed, your soul will be a light which pierces the darkness and chaos all around you.

Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM