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The Four Marks


June 22, 2015

The four marks of the Roman Catholic Church are One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. They distinguish and separate the Catholic Church from all other sects and denominations. They are clearly, and without question, the signs which prove the Roman Catholic Church to be the One True Church.

We live in a world where few wish to accept this simple, profound truth. The spiritual poison of religious indifference has demonstrated this beyond any doubt. For some time it has affected a growing number of Modern Catholics. They have believed the doctrinal heresies of the Modernist clergy and have drunk from the Fountain of Lies.

When one takes a closer look at the four marks, one will see that no person or sect contains any of the four marks. The mark, One, teaches all that we believe is the same doctrine. There are no differences between dioceses, nations, races or cultures in the Roman Catholic Church.

A True Catholic is not able, nor does he desire, to pick and choose those things that he believes. This is not the situation with the “old” Protestants or with the “new” Protestants, the Modern Catholics.

It is quite clear the “old” Protestants are not interested in accepting the doctrines of the Petrine papacy, the Real Presence, Sacrament of Penance, the indissolubility of Marriage, and others. This obstinacy proves the Protestant sects do not have their origin in Christ.

These hell-created “churches” continue to divide among themselves. The arrogance of these heretics is shown each time they separate from their churches and start another sect across the street or in their home. It is truly amazing how they are able to gather ignorant followers each time they split and “found” again. Satan, of course, cheers this continuous cycle of division and chaos. The only “unity” possessed by these people is that which they have against the One True Church. The unity is a feigned one for there is no true unity in Hell or among its followers.

The New Order or Modern Catholic has, in quite the same manner, shown they are no longer ONE in doctrine. It is quite obvious and clear they have accepted the heresies preached by their non-Catholic clergy. They are truly blind, ignorant sheeple who have proven they will accept any error and remain in their physical structures once known as Catholic churches.

The division that permeates the Modernists continues to get deeper and wider. One is amazed, at least in some degree, how these unfortunate souls have continued to accept one error after another over so many years, and, yet, believe they remain (somehow) Catholic. Their spiritual blindness is quite stunning on one hand and quite tragic on the other.

One would be hard-pressed to find a parish among the Modernists where ALL members accept ALL of the Catholic Church’s teachings in faith and morals. In the same manner as the “old” Protestants, the “new” ones pick and choose that which they desire to accept and reject the rest. They apparently know how to follow bad examples quite well! This is the “new” example of divide and conquer created by Hell and its human agents.

The Modernists seem to have the need to come up with a silly phrase or program every five years or so (sounds quite Marxist to me!) to keep the clueless faithful running in worthless circles. It matters not whether it is the Renew Program or the New Evangelization. The laity are provided more useless bait to ensure they will continue attending their “protestant” services and kept so busy they’re not given time to think in any serious manner about what they are doing. It was observed many years ago that the clergy had a program to keep the more interested and power-hungry individuals busy so they would feel important. If they were able to keep the “leaders” occupied, the rest of the non-thinking masses would be quite easy to handle. Apparently, it is working quite well among those who actually attend their services.

The point of this detail is quite clear and simple. These Modernist heretics have no unity in doctrine. They have truly become “cafeteria Christians,” whereby they no longer believe in the obligation to accept all of the Church’s teachings.

This also means they have no unity in their “liturgy.” Unknown to most Modern Catholics are the doctrines which are contained in the Mass. If these heretics deny these teachings, they deny the Mass and its correct and true purpose. But then, since these same heretics have changed the Mass and its purpose, what does this really mean?

One has heard in recent years of another slogan which may sound catchy to the unthinking masses, but to the philosopher what does it all mean? The phrase is “unity in diversity.” It seems as though they are applauding the many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds which make up the Catholic populace. If this is the case, what is new? The Church has always had a multitude of races and cultures among it numbers, or is this some cheap way to fool the unthinking masses into believing they are doing something which is “new” or “modern?” It has been observed for some years the Modernists are quite versed in elevating the silly and superficial to the level of “holy sanctity.” How else will they obtain some sort of credibility and hope for some sense of legitimacy among the non-thinking masses of the New-Protestant Church?

The second mark of the Catholic Church is holy or holiness. The Catholic explanation of this mark is two-fold. The founder of the Church is Jesus Christ, Who being God is all-holy. The second reason is all of the teachings of the Church are holy and if a Catholic accepts and lives these teachings they will lead him to holiness.

This explanation is simple enough and has been quite easy to prove over the years. What happens, though, when one puts it up against the old and new Protestants?

The old Protestants have only men and women who have begun their sects and denominations, not Jesus Christ Who founded the Roman Catholic Church. These same persons either left the Catholic Church directly, or walked away from a sect which had broken from the Church some time in the past.

None of these spiritual revolutionaries can be considered holy because of their unwillingness to humbly submit themselves to proper authority and to accept the decisions of Holy Mother Church. They have proceeded to reject some teachings, alter others, and make up some of their own with no authority to do so. In short, these persons are, in reality, the worst type of individuals. They want to be thought of as someone to be admired when, truly, they are nothing more than religious scoundrels. They have caused the damnation of untold numbers of souls and have undermined Holy Mother Church and Christ’s Kingship upon earth. They are worse than those who kill the body, for these imposters destroy the soul. They are a contradiction to Christ and all that is holy in this life and in the next.

Perhaps the only ones worse than the old Protestants are the Neo (new) – Protestants regarding this second mark of the Church. The multitude of problems and events in the last fifty years is more than sufficient proof the Modernist Church is no longer Catholic.

The easiest place to begin to prove this statement is the general spiritual condition of those in the Modernist Church. The external evidence is a simple manner in which to judge this situation. The evidence is well-known to those who read this magazine, as well as the more objective members of the Modernist Church.

Examples include the declining attendance on days of obligation; the ignorance of the Catholic Faith; the growing number of people who pick and choose the doctrine they wish to accept; the rejection of general morality; the rejection of the Real Presence; the rejection of the dogma, “There is no Salvation Outside the Church.” The list would be much longer if all heresies were listed, but it seems quite unnecessary.

Clergymen in the once-Catholic Church have openly stated the establishment of a New Church, NEW MASS, New Sacraments, New theology, etc. Since these statements have come from their mouths, we who are Catholic need only to quote their words and make the proper conclusions.

Since they have a new church we are able to conclude it is not the same as the Roman Catholic Church. As it is not the True Catholic Church, it has no guarantee of possessing the four marks of the Church. It certainly is not the source of holiness among its members.
If there are any who are living saintly lives it is because of their personal prayers and graces. How is one able to receive Sacramental grace when the Sacraments are something different from which the Church has dogmatically stated in the past? The True Church cannot contradict Itself and remain the Holy Roman Church. It IS a philosophical contradiction to believe this theological error.
There is only one church which has the mark of holiness. It is the Roman Catholic Church. All others are imposters and false religions.

(To be continued)
Fr. Joseph Noonan, OFM